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Why Request Guest List?

It sounds weird right? I mean, we all know someone who knows someone. And you did meet that one girl who works at that club right? Well all have our ways and means of getting into clubs.

At Keyflow we don’t want to stop you from trying to getting to know the right people. We actually want to help you do that.

We just hate when people don’t get what they expect out of nightlife. We want people to stop hoping and start knowing. That’s why we created the feature “Request Guest List”.

It gives you the chance to know that you are on the list before you get to the club. 80% of all requests  get a response and if you don’t get one – we’ll refund you.

“But my club has a RSVP list and I can just add my name”

Sure, but more often than not, that RSVP list, means you have to pay to get in. We asked our users how often they need to pay at the door after using the Request Guest List function. Over 50% said they never had to pay at the door, and another 30% said they paid as little as every other time.

Keyflow is the only system that puts you profile in front of the nightclub manager. No other person at a venue has authority to approve guests. No more negotiating with bouncers or chasing promoters. You put your profile in front of the person in charge.

That’s why it’s so important to state your date of birth, a great photo and a description so good nobody could say no to you.

Nightclub managers don’t just want people at their club, they want great people. People who know how to party, who know how to have fun and know how to present themselves. Our system helps managers keep track of who’s who and see who’s a regular guest and who is just testing the club out for the first time.

Keyflow will be adding more and more features to help guests get into clubs and enjoy a better nightlife. Be part of the journey and use Keyflow this weekend!


The Keyflow Team