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Watch Paul Oakenfold Throw a Party on Mount Everest

British DJ Paul Oakenfold recently launched his new initiative SoundTrek, a series of parties taking electronic dance music to many of the planet’s most remote locations, at the same time raising awareness of environmental matters.

He kicked of the series with a party at Mount Everest Base Camp where he played for a cheering crowd on April 11th. The so-called “highest party on earth” was held at an altitude of 5,350 meters.

In addition to the main event at Everest, Soundtrek has hired internationally recognized and award-winning cinematographer Mark Fisher to direct the Soundtrek documentary for an inside look at the trials and tribulations of hosting a concert at the top of the world.

Oakenfold will also create a unique SoundTrek mix to provide a sensory journey from some of the world’s most iconic locations. The SoundTrek mixes will be available for download, as well as being broadcasted to millions of music fans and travel enthusiasts worldwide.

For a firsthand account of the expedition, check out Oakenfold’s diary on Facebook. Also check out a video from the event here.