Unlock your night, Keyflow explained and your guide to unlocking nightlife


Experience nightlife on your own terms. Keyflow makes it possible for you to have your name submitted to the guest list of your preferred club while still being in the comfort of your home, or hotel room. All that you need is a profile that can be made through the website or the easy to use-app.

Are you tired of waiting in line to get into the club, not really knowing if you’re going to get in? Then Keyflow has the answer. With us it’s possible for you to experience the best of nightlife, completely on your own terms. Know that your name is on the guest list while you still are in the comfort of your home, or hotel. Then – walk past the line, skip freezing in the cold, and get straight to enjoying the night. No wasted time, no wasted night. So how does it work?

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Your personal PROMOTER

To put it simple, Keyflow works as your personal nightclub list assistant and guide. First of all, you create a Keyflow profile. Use the website or our easy to use-app, available on both Google Play and App Store. Then you simply decide which clubs you want to enter. The profile will be submitted to the venue who will then decide whether to add you to the guest list or not. When the venue has answered, you will be notified immediately. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Our app – the easy way to get on the guest list

When you want to go to the club or attend a special event, Keyflow offers a solution using what you always have access to – your phone. With the guest lists to nightclubs and events always available in the easy-to-use app, you have a direct access to nightlife regardless of where you are, who you’re with or how many you are

Are you planning to go out with your friends, or maybe your co-workers? Do you want to know what local events are worth visiting, or perhaps you’re looking for a way into the club? Either way, Keyflow has the solution. All using something you already have in your pocket – your phone. With the easy-to-use Keyflow app, you´ll have everything right where you need it. Simply send a request through the app and make a bid to get into the night club, or to acquire tickets to anticipated events. The Keyflow app will always make sure that you access nightlife in an easy and comfortable way.


Given the fact that you have everything on your phone, the Keyflow app is always available for finding events regardless of when you need us – when you’re sitting in the comfort of your home planning ahead, or when you’re already on your way out. With the mobile event app in your phone, we will always help you to get your name on the guest list regardless of where you are, who you’re with or how many you are.

Travelling with friends? Discover what’s going on near you

When travelling with friends, it’s not easy to know which night clubs are worth visiting, or what’s even going on near you. With the Keyflow app, you have a quick and easy way of finding out which night clubs are open near you and how you get your and your friends’ names on the guest list. 

Made a trip with your friends and now you’re new in town? Knowing what events or clubs that are worth visiting when you’re in a new town is never easy. Especially if you want to know what’s going on near you today. That’s why you have us! Using the Keyflow app, it’s easy for you and your friends to search which night clubs near you that are open tonight. Now, let’s say that you’ve found some night clubs of interest. Perfect. But what now? How are you supposed to get in?

The answer is really simple; submit your Keyflow profile to the club and request that they add your and your friends’ names to the guest list. Or clubs – send as many requests as you like! It’s also up to you to decide how high you want to set the price and when you need an answer. When the club has answered, the Keyflow app will notify you immediately; opening the door to an awesome night for both you and your friends.

Going out with your colleagues? Don't let the night end early

Going out with your colleagues is one of the best parts of the working week for many. However, not knowing where to go, or waiting in line hoping you’ll be admitted to the club, is not a part of the fun. The Keyflow app helps to solve your problems. The app functions as your personal event finder, searching local events and making sure that you skip the line by adding you to the guest list beforehand. 

After Work, sometimes the best part of a long working week. But what events are worth visiting? And how can you skip wasting time in the line? Easy – by using the Keyflow app as your company’s personal event finder. The event app will start by pinpointing local events and clubs near you. You then submit your Keyflow profile, requesting the venue to add your group to the guest list. You’re welcome to send out as many requests as you like – there´s no limit.