FAQs for Business

Keyflow is a leading provider of nightclub management system. We help you get more guests and understand who they are. Publish your content on Keyflow’s platform and get exposed to hundreds of thousands of potential guests in an instant.

Yes. We do that in a number of ways. When your event content is exposed on our platform you automatically get visible to the Keyflow user base in our apps and on our website. Furthermore, we actively promote venues and events with SEM campaigns and Keyflow inbox messages.

Getting started is easy and typically takes less than 20 minutes. All you need to get started is a few pictures of your venue and some event flyers. Once your event has been published- guests can buy tickets, tables and request guestlist access. Guests are automatically transferred to the Keyflow Business app that you use to check your guests in as they arrive to your event. Once your event is over, analyze the data to understand who your guests are. Stay in touch with your guests using Keyflow’s marketing messages and invite previous guests to future events.

We are a global online service and can be used by virtually any venue in virtually any part of the world. Certain countries outside North America and Europe might need special arrangements in order to make online payments work smoothly. If any case of doubt please talk to one of our sales reps (sales at keyflow dot com) and they will be happy to assist you. Our apps can be downloaded from most Google Play and App Stores.

Yes. Some countries outside of North America and Europe might need special arrangements in order for payments to work smoothly. Please talk to any of our sales reps (sales at keyflow dot com) for more information.

Payments are made on a rolling basis. Under normal circumstances you receive your monies within a week after the purchase was made.

No worries. If you have a Business account you can reset your password here.

Of course. We have apps targeted to guests (available for Android and iOS) and we have apps targeted to Business Owners and Doormen (available for Android and iOS). Our website also has tools for guests and Business Owners.

There is no limit. Connect as many owners (elevated user permissions) and doormen (standard user permissions) as you like.

Absolutely. Assign your best and most loyal guests a virtual VIP card. They get it sent straight to their phones.

Guests can apply to get on the guest list by sending venues a request. The guest specifies how many guests the request is for and for how long it is valid. An optional monatary bid can also  be attached to the request. Once the request has been created the Business Owners are notified in the Business App. The guest’s request details are presented along with a profile picture and additional statistics. If the owner choose to accept the guest, the guest is notified and automatically added to the event’s guest list. If a monetary bid was made with the request the guest’s Credit Card is charged and the monies transferred to the venue.

Yes. You can market your events to segments of guests in Keyflows database. Furthermore, when guests make a guest list request we present the guest with any associated segment. We always try to make it easy for venues to understand who their guests are while at the same time increasing guests chances of getting accepted.