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Keyflow offers a unique admission option that allows guests the chance to “bid” to get in. This means that on a busy night, you can earn some extra money at the door just by accepting guests. The guests can set the price they are willing to pay to gain access and you as the venue decide whether you want their money.



Keyflow was born from being a functional app for doormen and nightclub managers to handle guests arriving at a venue. Today our Business App is at the center of our service. You can accept guests who are requesting to visit your venue, check-in guests arriving at the door, add guests on the run to your event and a whole lot more. Each Keyflow packages is built around being able to receive and accept guests.



By publishing your events with Keyflow, you’re already reaching an audience who is ready to go out and looking for a party. Keyflow can help you market to specific guest segments who are looking for a great night out and remarket to guests who have previously visited your venue. With Keyflow’s unique messaging and segmentation tools, you can send in-app messages to help promote and increase sales at your events.


VENUE insights

Keyflow loves data. We build our entire service on data so that you can see how your event is progressing in realtime. We can help show you when people are interested in visiting your venue, who are your most frequent visitors and who’s driving and adding the most guests. Keyflow helps you analyse and read the data to make better decisions for your business and your future audiences.


Provide admissions to events

At Keyflow, we understand that each venue is unique and wants a different type of guest. Keyflow offers a broad selection of different admissions that can fit your venue. Keyflow can help you sell tickets, handle requests or even bids from guests. Our Service Team is happy and ready to help you, set up your venue’s profile and have you receiving guests in a way that matches your venue and your brand.



Using the Keyflow Business app you can quickly and efficiently handle guests arriving to the door at the venue. Check-in guests with our QR code scanner, by searching manually or reject them with a reason. You can update guests lists on the run as well as specific guests.


Communicate with your fans

With Keyflow you can build you venue database with up to date contact information to your guests. You can send email, send texts or use the popular “marketing message” from within the Keyflow system. Each Keyflow subscription comes with an amount of marketing credits, which can be used for sending communication. You can also buy or earn more credits within the Keyflow system.

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